Svetlana Semenova

Executive Management & Leadership Mentor
Business Development Consultant


I am a business coach, practicing consultant with the experience in corporations, and four University degrees in economics, marketing, psychology and management.

I am sure that a correctly set goals are the key to success. There is a lot of talk about goals. True, it is not always clear how to set goals for yourself in order to realize them. And enjoy and while you realize, and when the goal is achieved.

In every area of ​​life, it is important to see your goal. To each – his own. About how to set goals and implement them, I write in my business account @hr_masters.

  • How to set a goal when developing a personal brand? And what to do to achieve it?
  • How to combine career achievements and personal success?
  • How to manage a successful business and realize your talents?
  • How to find your talent and follow your desires that you can’t confuse with anything?
  • How to make a new career turn and take a new position?
  • What hinders development, what obstacles need to be removed and how to do it?
  • How to step by step to build a picture of yourself in the professional community?
  • What is important to change in yourself and your thinking in order to properly position yourself?
  • How to realize your goals with pleasure?

My students find answers to such questions and easily go to the goal along the intended path.


Self-confidence is one of the key components that help achieve goals.


And to build self-confidence under the strength of everyone. The exercises that I offer at the sessions, on how not to depreciate myself and my achievements, return adequate self-esteem and increase confidence.


What makes me different from other professionals?

  1. Practice. I have 20 years of experience in top management of thousands of teams
  2. Basic education. I do not just know what profit, revenue, margin is, but I also know how to count them. And for me, statistics are not just a set of sounds, but a sequence and pattern of system development. Therefore, I can easily distinguish where in business real difficulties and where irrational fears of the manager or owner
  3. Consistency. I consider a person in the system. With his relationship, with his story, with his experience, with his personal vision, with his set of tools for interacting with the community. This allows you to take into account the maximum number of nuances and make changes safely and carefully.
  4. Humor. Leave no comment. You need to try it.


What do you get when working at and between sessions?

  • Instead of a rough idea of ​​what you want – Formulated and structured goals with priorities
  • Instead of endless reasoning – Real actions
  • Instead of excuses – Deep motivation
  • Instead of waiting – Walking towards the goal
  • Instead of doubt – Confidence
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