Olga Brand

Female trainer of practical life skills in joy and pleasure

  • Business trainer with practical experience over 8 years
  • About 10 years running her own businesses
  • Respiratory and Imbuild Instructor since 2014
  • Certified sexologist and female coach
  • Over 500 women attended her programs and personal escort
  • The author of the recovery methodology “Life Energy”
  • Developer of unique crisis management techniques for women
  • The methods of her work with the woman’s life space are based on three principles: I WANT! PLEASURE! JOY!

FEMALE TRAINER practical life skills in JOY AND PLEASURE #kayfcouch

When you are the owner of a transpersonal fate, then your daily task is to constantly monitor what your own life field is filled with today, because you will have to give useful and share from this source. And my personal happiness and prosperity depends on the more people with my help find the desired changes and feelings of a new quality of life. The more I gave, the more I returned! Here is such arithmetic)))

If you don’t know something about yourself, ask the people to whom you illuminated the path. So I began to ask and still they answer me that I help women to love themselves, collect themselves C-PARTS and become WHOLE. All this is about happiness, but it is different for everyone.

Perhaps that’s why my path as a trainer, coach, breathing practice and imbalance instructor, sexologist, image maker and just a female mentor began with women who simply began to come into my life and ask to LEARN TO LIVE as I live.

Shrugging my shoulders, I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, but I agreed and intuitively went to unwind their tangle of problems, just shared practical tools for treating myself, my loved ones, my beloved, the world around me. She shared what she knew herself through an honest acceptance of reality and trust in her inner strength. It helped, their fates unfolded 180 degrees and moved to a qualitatively new level, LOVE and HAPPINESS appeared in their lives. I developed with them, including professionally.

At the same time, I myself always lived a very interesting and eventful life – created from scratch and realized in two of my own businesses, trading and manufacturing, then I built a manager’s career, then I wanted to share my experience, and I got the specialization of a business coach. I have rich experience in personally advising clients in putting things in order in their wardrobes and in the external image, and then with life-coaching, we have already solved more global problems of updating and creating quality changes in life.

Yes, and in my personal life I am also an inquisitive researcher, I have a very diverse experience – of a wife and ex-wife, and a lover and a free woman, but always a beloved and desired woman … in fact, I am also a rich woman here!

And I once, 23 years ago, gave birth … at the same time my beloved daughter, close friend and wise teacher all rolled into one. Yes, she is not easy with me, she has a crazy mom with constant ideas for improving this world!

Today we live in an amazing time, the world has provided a woman with so many opportunities and directions for realizing her creative energy! Where is its source, where is the main resource? Why is the ENERGY of LIFE so valuable today for the majority in short supply? Where to get it and how to save it, how to spend it rationally and always have it?

My method of working with the woman’s life space is simple, understandable and based on three principles: I WANT! PLEASURE! JOY!

This is a set of practices and techniques, step-by-step algorithms to solve most of today’s problems:

  • The way out of the crisis phase in life (psychological, emotional, financial …);
  • Training in the skills of combining one’s Intelligent decisions (mind, consciousness) with Sensory sensations (soul, subconscious mind) to choose the residence of one’s happy female fate;
  • The ability to cope with difficulties and trials in one’s life without struggle and flight into fears or under the protection of external factors and their dependence. Pumping your own resources and relying on yourself … always and in everything;
  • Conscious refusal of “pseudo-marriage” and debunking myths about female weakness, as a cult, as a way of manipulation. The acceptance of the integrity of one’s feminine nature is strength-weakness; everything is one;
  • Change of hereditary “basic correctness programs” and reloading of the thinking of a modern woman who, in the accepted strength, makes her own choices of her lifestyle, her format and model;
  • The skills of presence in the present and the adoption of objective reality, open to the future, and not drain your energy into the abyss of past events in which it is stuck.
  • The discovery of the ability to live the entire palette of the sensory-emotional series, and not just the allowed emotions. Thawing and de-preserving your own feelings and restoring your ability to experience them.
  • Well … how much can you resist this, the results and facts are stubborn things, it was simply embarrassing and scary to admit that I checked all this complicated and confusing lies of great gurus and incomprehensible gurus (and they do not understand them specially, they will not bear the money anymore, but they are used to it). Checked lie. This does not work.

It turned out that EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE, but the brain has an installation … how is this? this cannot be the same!

Simple is growth, difficult is a lie. AND YOU NEED TO CHOOSE for yourself and refuse to lie.

  1. Just admit to yourself that if you are physically not healthy, financially unsafe, suffer from loneliness – not happy with your life and do not get joy from what is happening around you, then you are just stupid and lazy.
  2. Just stop and make out for yourself the current situation and open your eyes to many facts, accept reality and start living in it.
  3. Just plan actions to change what doesn’t suit you, what upsets or destroys you physically.
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