Tools for achieving new results

Who are we

MyWay is an open transformational academy, the purpose of which is to convey to the international audience both ancient and modern, based on modern scientific research and methods, knowledge, skills and existing management practices and conscious co-creation of one’s reality, by returning to the resource state gaining personal integrity, mobilizing the multidimensionality of I, gaining the external harmony of a lived reality through the conscious creation of our own internal harmony, introducing the laws of nature (to smicheskih laws) in everyday life, confidence returns to the flow of the universe.

What are we doing

Using modern teaching methods, including but not limited to online trainings and seminars, we attract a wide range of international teachers, trainers and masters from various schools and directions, both ancient and classical and modern, while translating them into different languages ​​measure through online the platform and the media provide access to them to a wide international audience and through the use of the latest and most modern teaching methods, as well as the open architecture of the academy, acting in the spirit of “many paths lead to Rome ”, we allow each student to create his own, for each participant in the academy his completely individual (“ My ”) way of acquiring skills to return to the state of an active, conscious creator of his life.

The target audience

Ж70% / М30%, 30-50 +, active in career / business, individuals with rich professional and family experience and a pronounced need for self-realization and understanding of their purpose

What goals do we help to achieve

Increasing the overall energy level, achieving a greater level of inner harmony and balance, lightness and joy of being, gaining a clear focus on consciously assigned tasks, gaining management skills and co-creation of one’s reality, further personal self-development, expanding worldview, world outlook and one’s role in the world, perception and active acceptance of one’s purpose in this world (Recognize and agree with your own purpose in the life)

Side effects

Increase-stabilization of income from activities that bring personal satisfaction, harmonization of personal and family relationships, improvement, or return to health

Why "My Way" is the way of our audience

Open architecture, attraction of multidimensionality of various schools, teachers, masters and trainers, use of constantly modernizing, “keeping pace with the times” methods of flexible / flexible versatile teaching, with access to international schools of various formats, both the oldest and most modern, access at the same time in the most modern scientific and ancient knowledge of mankind in the modern user language, in a modern format and context, the possibility of combining various sources, teaching methods On one platform, access to knowledge sources in the user’s native language, allows each user to find his personal path of training and diverse development, of which he can always proudly say, this is personally “My Way”, this is my choice