Julia Zvereva

Self-actualization and talent monetization coach
Author and organizer of Internet projects
Internet Marketer
Business Trainer

I’ll say right away, I’m strange, but this is why I am so cool. This is what makes me stand out. This helps me in promoting the projects of my clients! I see a true personality, not patterns. I am totally and categorically against templates in Internet promotion.


I am a marketer, copywriter, project manager and business consultant. But besides work, I also have I, my family and my favorite mentors who help me find my way, develop and enjoy a conscious life every second!

However, in spite of all this, I, like all normal people, can chandle, indulge, poemotate, inflate an elephant out of a fly, make a fake female or take my “brain-cockroaches” for a walk. I am an ordinary woman: with bells and whistles, with difficulties, with oddities.

I live in my world and I have my own view on many things.

I basically don’t discuss politics (!), I don’t go to church and try not to get into stormy social movements. I believe in God, (but in my own way), communicate with angels and use esoteric and philosophical methods in my development. And, by the way, I have Reiki level 2. But all this does not prevent me from working systematically and strategically with clients and their businesses. It only helps! 

But actually


I help experts and trainers create and promote their online projects, realise their strengths, even if they do not have experience selling online


I can ask such questions, the answers to which reveal their potential, find resources and help to express themselves without fear!


I help to earn on your own knowledge.

I have been in the Internet space for more than 7 years. And I feel here like a fish in water. If I don’t know something, I find it out or ask my colleagues. Plus, I have the coolest team – IQM, whose members can solve any technical and systemic issue in the information business for you!


  • I independently went the way from a simple freelancer who could only type texts, to the head of large projects and training centers on the Internet.
  • Today, I independently conduct my online business as I feel comfortable. I do not always keep it as it should and as it should be) I do not really like to record large system programs, because I work with my clients personally!
  • I consider myself one of the few specialists on the Internet who combine modern techniques of Internet promotion, finding a destination, methods of internal work on oneself and energy practice in working with clients. Because I combine all this in my work)

I am sure that the main thing in life is internal balance, harmony and self-realization.

The main thing is what you want (!), And not what is supposed or accepted in society and the environment


I help building models for promoting Internet projects:

  • organization of trainings / seminars and PR-events
  • full support for the launch and development of Internet business
  • identification of core competencies and assistance in finding a unique niche
  • help in creating automated funnels, video courses and trainings
  • drawing up schemes for promoting and developing Internet projects
  • support in individual and personal business coaching


Over 15 years of experience in the sales (offline business, direct sales, cold calls, event organization). Personal participation in sales and closing deals, training sellers and owners in ways to attract customers and increase profits.

More than 5 years – development and implementation of working online sales schemes. I independently went the way of becoming from a simple freelancer to the head of Internet projects. Studying and adapting the most relevant ways to increase sales and sales patterns on the Internet. Organization and control of Internet projects of various sizes for various niches.

More than 3 years – cooperation with leading experts in the information business. Organization of projects, monitoring the work of performers, attracting an audience and introducing modern ways to increase sales in the information business.

The author of the unique method of quick writing of selling texts “The Law of One Touch” + The developer of the method of monetizing his talents “Case for liking” + The author and organizer of the massive open online marathon “Going to the Dream”


Key competencies:

  • Specialist in moving your training business online
  • Self-fulfillment and talent monetisation coach
  • Organising training courses on the Internet for over 7 years
  • Last three years helps experts to create their online businesses
  • Author of the “The Law of One Touch” method of fast writing texts
  • Author of the projects “Case for liking” and “Going to a dream”
  • Knows how easy it is to transfer a business from offline to online
  • Portfolio includes more than 150 exceptional online trainings
  • Over 300 personal and coaching clients
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