Gouzel Moussina

Author and Creator of the MyWay Project
Corporate Finance Expert
Business Philosopher
Business Developer

I am a happy mother of three children and a successful woman.
I have come a long way in inner changes and transformations, and it is now time to share my vast experience.


For more than ten years, I have been nurturing the idea of ​​developing and empowering women entrepreneurs, which culminated in the launch of the existing My Way platform. Combining numerous modern methods with traditional and non-traditional approaches, I offer practical courses that provide instantly applicable results.


I am not going to teach you, to prove something to you or to convince you of my Vision.

My goal is to let you think about what today’s actions can lead us to.

I want you to start listening to yourself today. MYSELF! And no one else.


What are we missing?

Once I realized that in my life there is not that lightness, airiness, happiness and that charming young girl who once dreamed so sweetly of a happy life …

I created a beautiful, comfortable life for myself. Built it. Has earned.
My life has turned into a business plan, into the competition “Bigger, Higher, Stronger”!
But does it bring me joy in this form?


In pursuit of the external, we are increasingly moving away from the internal, from MYSELF!


The joy evaporated for some reason …

And the only reason for this is precisely because I stopped listening to myself and following my own path.

That is why I created the MyWay project.


MyWay is needed so that each of us remembers his own path and learns to follow it, listening to himself.


The idea of ​​the MyWay project was born 4 years ago, shortly after my long-awaited daughter was finally born, which was preceded by 9 years of intensive work on this birth. Women who struggle for a long time for a baby will understand my feelings well.

A couple of months after the birth of my daughter, I realized that this event once again confirmed to me the human ability in the literal sense of the word to create my own world, through trial and error, an endless search for the right path, and last but not least, huge conscious work on myself.


Like each of us, my path consisted of ups and downs, mistakes and trials on the path of self-knowledge and the search for my true Self.


On the path of my personal development, I had and have many teachers and mentors, both living and from the distant past. Both real and virtual.


What is MyWay?

My path included the experience of different countries and continents, integration into various cultures, the development of new languages, diverse fields of activity in various sectors. And I really wanted not so much to start sharing my personal experience, how to create a platform thanks to which as many people as possible can find the necessary support on their personal development path, get the information and the practice that will help them to go their own individual way just achieving the highest possible results, but at the same time joyful, easy and with inspiration.


MyWay is a platform through which people from different continents, from different cultures and in different languages ​​can find the support of professional trainers, coaches, teachers and masters from all over the world in their native language


You will be able to acquire knowledge and skills that will contribute to the most optimal integration of your true Self into your daily life and will help you maximize the mobilization and optimization of your internal resources on the path to co-creating your reality personally.

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