Dina Iglikova

Remote Vision Specialist
Neurographic Instructor
Theta Practitioner
Aesthetic Coach

I help my clients go beyond the limits and change their lives so that they are comfortable with themselves and the world around them.

For many years I was only a completely prosperous wife and mother of twin daughters. My economics degree and an MBA in marketing and PR were covered in dust on a shelf. Millions of women would probably be ready to switch places with me, and I was exhausted from my unrealization and boredom. Even the prosperity and comfort that was then in my life did not bring much joy, was taken for granted.

After some time, this something which I did not appreciate, started slowly but surely to end, and …


One day I found that my usual world fell apart, and what I should do next and how to build a new one I did not know – it was a deafening feeling of helplessness.


An impressive list of what I DO NOT have and what I CAN’t pressured even an optimist and fighter like me with its weight.

Today, after almost 4 years from the moment when I started to get to the surface, I look at the path that I took and sincerely glad that I had the determination and strength to push off from the bottom and move up. I was lucky with people, with information, and I studied and continue to learn from every person I met.

In March 2016, I first became acquainted with tetachilling and no longer parted with this wonderful transformational method, which quickly, efficiently, carefully helps to solve those issues that seemed insoluble. It allows you to simultaneously work with the person’s past, starting from the moment of conception, his birth line and experience of past lives, to find those beliefs that interfere with life, inhibit the flow of abundance, are an obstacle to good luck. During these 3 years I have held hundreds of sessions.

In 2017, I met with neurography, a transformational method of drawing, and it was love from the first line.


You can draw everything – state, mood, dream, goal, plan.


Not only to simply portray, and, most importantly, change what is not pleasant, interferes and reinforce what pleases, which is a resource. I draw myself, with my clients, students – almost every day.

Over the years, I took courses in Remote Vision, the Technique of disclosing uniqueness and many others. They are all about one thing – the possibilities of man are almost endless!

In my practice, I very often see women of different ages, social status, which are united by one thing – they feel helpless, they have the feeling that their own strengths and resources are too few to change their lives.


I help them feel that they have everything necessary and sufficient to make their life what they like.


One that pleases them, inspires, in which they feel loved, loving, beautiful, talented, in which they can reveal themselves in all the splendor of their uniqueness.

I help them to believe in themselves, in the reality of the realization of their desires. I would like that when it was difficult, lonely, incomprehensible, I would have today, but I did not have such an opportunity. And I’m glad that my clients have it!

I live and work in Riga, Latvia


Key competencies:

  • Teaches Neurographic Art – transformational psychological drawing
  • Specialist in changing the life quality using neurographics
  • Creator of copyright courses and techniques on finances, self-realization, relationships, happy motherhood, etc.
  • More than 2 years professionally engaged in neurographics in the individual and group formats
  • Has been involved in painting for more than 10 years, took part in 3 exhibitions
  • Her paintings are in private collections in Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Israel
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